74-Z Speeder Bike
A speeder bike parked next to its power station.
Faction Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance
Class Speeder
Role Recon and Patrol
Technical Information
Positions Pilot, 1 Passenger
Equipment Single Laser Cannon

Soaring at amazing speeds on reconnaissance and patrol duties, the Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bike is a slim, single-person repulsorlift conveyance. The lightweight vehicle attains its remarkably high speeds due to its unique propulsion design, and is able to boost its engines to jump over obstacles or reach high ground. The quartets of small directional steering-vanes on twin outriggings afford it an advantage in maneuverability. However, the bike is sparsely armed with only a single light blaster cannon, limiting its usefulness against other armored vehicles. A second person can fit on the back of the speeder, but safety regulations on most civilized worlds strictly forbid this. Although mostly sold to the Empire, this speeder is also widely used by the Alliance.

In-game, the bike is extremely versatile with its amazing speed, two seats, laser cannon, and ability to get just about anywhere on a map. Just keep in mind that an airborne speeder bike is a very easy target, and the vehicle cannot endure much damage. It is best suited for anti-infantry attacks. Also note that the speeder bikes in the Endor Strike Team map can be repaired at their recharge stations (right), and are thus not as dependent on Support players for repairs as are other vehicles.