Armored Land Speeder
Faction Rebel Alliance (Also used with less frequency by Imperial forces)
Role Patrol and Attack Vehicle
Technical Information
Positions 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner, 2 Passengers
Equipment Heavy Repeating Blaster

The Armored Land Speeder, more commonly known as the Combat Speeder, has room for four people, including driver and gunner, and is armed with a back-mounted heavy repeating blaster. Used by the Alliance as a cheaper counter to the AT-ST walker, and by the Imperials as an impromptu armed transport, this patrol and transport craft has an open cockpit, which means its passengers can fire their weapons while seated, but also that they themselves are fully exposed to enemy fire.

Vulnerability of crew aside, though, the craft's speed, hover height, and powerful repeating blaster, makes it a formidable fire support platform or hit-and-run vehicle in the hands of a skilled driver and competent crew. Its ability to hover over the ground also makes antitank mines less dangerous to it, as said mines have to physically touch fast-moving repulsor vehicles to be effective. Given these advantages, on some maps, such as Mos Espa, the Combat Speeder is more often seen used as a 'mobile turret' than as a troop transport, deployed at key positions to take on advancing infantry and even AT-ST's.

48px-Dialog-warning.svgWarning: Don't go over hills at speed, or you risk crashing.

See also: Unit Composition advanced guide for suggestions on how to form a good Landspeeder crew.