B-Wing Starfighter
Faction Rebel Alliance
Role Heavy Bomber
Technical Information
Positions 1 Pilot
Equipment 3 Laser Cannons, 2 Ion Cannons (100 bolts total), 2 Proton Torpedo Tubes (8 torpedoes each)

The oddest-looking starfighter in the Rebel fleet, the B-Wing is as powerful as it is unique. The ship is almost entirely taken up by its primary airfoil, which houses a cockpit on one end, a central engine block, and a weapons pod at its base. Below the engines are a pair of S-foil mounted laser cannons. The B-wing's cockpit has a unique rotating system. The pilot can orient it any way he wants, to e.g. have the weapons fire come from above him.

In combat, it's easy to get behind the B-Wing for enemy fighters, and due to this fact, the bomber should be given fighter escort. In a head-to-head attack, though, the B-Wing will almost always emerge victorious due to its heavy shielding and armour allowing it to survive even a heads-on collision, as well as the sheer amount of firepower it can throw at the enemy - a B-Wing firing its lasers and ion cannons in tandem can tear through an enemy fighter in a second.

Either way, the B-Wing was never built as a dogfighter, but to take on enemy freighters, capital ships, weapon platforms and space stations, and it shines at this task with its heavy armour, ion cannons, and generous load of proton torpedoes. A flight group of B-Wing bombers, kept safe from fighter attack by faster starfighters, can deliver its deadly payload of warheads while using its ion cannons to keep the target from returning fire effectively, and even Carrack Cruisers can be crippled in moments by repeated B-Wing attack runs.

  • Rotate the body clockwise around the cockpit by holding the Countermeasures key (Default 'X' key).
  • Switch between torpedoes and ion cannons using the Change Weapons key (Default 'F' key).