BTL Y-Wing Starfighter
Faction Rebel Alliance
Role Heavy Assault Starfighter
Technical Information
Positions 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner (On two-seater Y-wings)
Equipment 2 Pilot-controlled Laser Cannons, 2 Warhead Launchers, Multi-purpose twin turret (Controlled by gunner on two-seater Y-wing, fixed forward on single-seater)

The multi-purpose BTL Y-Wing starfighter, known more commonly simply as the Y-Wing, was the mainstay of the Alliance Fighter Corps until the T-65c X-Wing was introduced into the Alliance arsenal. Heavy, resilient, well-shielded, and somewhat slow, these heavy starfighters are quite hard to destroy and pack significant firepower. Two variants of the Y-wing are in use in the Alliance; most common is a single seater version where all weapons are pilot-controlled, including the topside turret, which is fixed forward and fires ion bolts only. A two seater version of the Y-wing is also employed, frequently from planetary bases, where the pilot controls the forward lasers and warhead launcher, and a weapons officer controls the multi-purpose turret, which can be set to fire lasers or ion bolts. The Y-Wing has some design flaws making it require constant maintenance. Many repair crews, fed up with removing and placing the superficial hull-plating, removed most of the hull plating, except for the armor on the cockpit.

  • Switch between gunner's laser cannons and ion cannons using the Change Weapons (def. F) key.
  • The Y-Wing deployed in the Battle of Yavin is a one-seater model with ion cannons slaved to pilot control. Hit the Change Weapons (def. F) key to toggle torpedoes and ion cannons.
  • In atmosphere, the Y-Wing comes with lighter torpedoes designed to follow a ballistic trajectory, much akin to the TIE Bomber's proton bombs.