Bandomeer Refinery Assault
Map Information
Factions Rebel Alliance VS. Galactic Empire
Type Push Map
Size 16, 32, 64

"Rebel spies have received an intelligence report regarding an Imperial mining operation on Bandomeer. It appears that they have managed to process vast quantities of weapons grade Ionite, a material used to manufacture Ionite torpedoes and bombs capable of cutting through ships deflector screens and rendering their power systems inoperative. Alliance high command intend to execute a raid on the Imperial held refinery with a view to stealing an Imperial freighter loaded with Ionite. The Rebels must capture the spaceport and then wipe out any Imperial presence in the immediate vicinity, or risk being shot down as they attempt to flee with the precious cargo."

Introduced in 1.4, Bandomeer features a mountainous terrain with a large Rebel spaceport taken over by the Empire. Teamwork pays off in this combined arms map, as a well-organized army can easily maneuver between the control points with speeders, APC Freerunners, and shuttles at their disposal.

Order of Battle
Alliance Vehicles Imperial Vehicles
Lambda Class Shuttle Lambda Class Shuttle
T-65 X-Wing Starfighter TIE Bomber
T1-B Light Hovertank TIE Interceptor
APC Freerunner S-1 Firehawke Tank
Sorosuub X-34 Land Speeder AT-ST
Sorosuub X-34 Land Speeder
Classes: Trooper, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Medic, Support, and Officer.