Battle of Yavin
Yavin Briefing
Map Information
Factions Rebel Alliance VS. Galactic Empire
Type Objective Map
Size 16, 32, 64
Briefing "With the Death Star approaching their no longer hidden base on the jungle moon of Yavin IV, Rebel forces launch a desperate attack against the Empire’s technological terror. Armed with knowledge from plans of the battle station, Alliance tacticians, lead by General Jan Dodonna, have exposed a weakness in the Death Star’s defences. The Alliance’s small one man snub fighters might just be the perfect weapon to exploit it. But, as Rebel fighters approach and slip past the battle station’s turbolasers, Imperial pilots prepare to launch their own fighters. The Rebellion’s fate rests on one pilot’s ability to fire a torpedo down an exhaust port less than two meters wide."

The Battle of Yavin was a climatic showdown between two squadrons of Alliance starfighters and the Empire's massive battle station, the Death Star. In a desperate attack launched to save the Alliance headquarters on Yavin IV from destruction, Alliance fighters managed to destroy the Death Star by launching torpedoes down an exhaust shaft into the station's main reactor.

In the highly anticipated First Strike depiction, the Alliance wins by successfully destroying all the deflection towers on the map, for then to torpedo the Death Star's exhaust port, located at the northern end of a long trench. The Imperials will win if they hold off the Rebels long enough for the Death Star's superlaser to destroy the jungle moon of Yavin IV. The map is similar to the other space maps in First Strike in that there is no infantry combat - players do all their fighting in fighters and, in the case of this map, turbo laser turrets accessible through consoles in the Imperial hangar.

To destroy the exhaust port, Rebel players need to fire torpedoes so that at least one of them hits the rear wall of the exhaust port opening. This is a tricky task to perform, especially under fire, and is made more so by the fact that Rebel X-Wings and Y-Wings in this map have only two and four torpedoes, respectively. Since there is no way to reload torpedoes in this map, however, Rebel fighters get them back automatically after firing them.

Order of Battle
Alliance Vehicles Imperial Vehicles
T-65 X-Wing Starfighter TIE Fighter
BTL Y-Wing Starfighter Turbo Laser turrets
Classes: Pilot.