Bulk Freighter
Faction Galactic Empire
Class Medium-sized Freighter
Role Cargo Transport, Fleet Support
Technical Information
Position #1 Driver, controls shields (Primary fire for upper shields, Secondary fire for lower shields)
Position #2 Gunner, upper twin laser cannon.
Position #3 Gunner, lower twin laser cannon.
Equipment 2 Twin Laser Cannons, Shield Boosters

The Cont-A Bulk Freighter, one of the millions of freighters throughout the galaxy, is designed to haul massive trapezoid-shaped A-class containers. The modified freighters found in the game are armed with twin cannons and fitted with repair equipment, and are used in Imperial task forces as supply and support ships.

  • Mission Critical Craft : In the Imperial Convoy Raid map, the supply convoy of Bulk Freighters cannot be manned and must be protected by the TIE Defender escort. Destruction of all the freighters will result in a Rebel victory.