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The planet Dathomir has a long history of use as a penal colony.  The Galactic Republic had used the planet as a place to send various criminals and outcasts of society. These people were left on the planet with no possible means of escape to live out the rest of their lives in solitude.

[The Image to the right is a view of the Dathomir Prison center complex viewed from the courtyard]

The Imperial prison is overseen by the Imperial Inquisitor Olof. Prisoners kept here are some of the most dangerous to the Empire, and as such were left in this remote facility to be forgotten about. The prison is guarded by a regiment of stormtroopers.

Sshot1 lrg Dath 01

[The Image above shows the First Person View of the new security room for the Dathomir Prison complex]

Sshot1 lrg Dath 04

[The image above, shows a view of an AT-PT standing in the Dathomir Prison Courtyard]