These are the results of generating Menumaps with a new tool by Worldlife. First Stike has never had menumaps that represented a map overlay like in standard BF2 or BF2142. Currently, the tool generates with a BF2 style format. I created custom FS icons for the CPs. and tried out a few maps. I think with a little tweaking that these could be nice.

Link to tool is here:

Battle of Ryloth

Ryloth gpm cq 64 menumap
Dathomir Prison Break SP 16 size
Dath gpm cq 16 menumap

Dathomir Prison 64 p size:

Dath gpm cq 64 menumap
Null Station 16 p
Null gpm cq 16 menumap

Null Station 64 p sized

Null gpm cq 64 menumap
Endor Strike Team
EST gpm cq 64 menumap

Escape from Hoth

Escape from Hoth

Spaec hoth gpm coop 64 menumap
Bandomeer Refinery with no non-combat area highlighted:
Bandomeer gpm cq 64 menumap
Rhen Var Ice Plains with no out of bounds shading and no mini-window
RhenVar Ice plains gpm sp 16 menumap
Bestine with same settings
Bestine gpm cq 64 menumap