The First Strike Planetary League is a league for First Strike where the two main star wars factions, The Galactic Empire and The Rebel Alliance, fight for control over planets in the star map.

Star MapEdit

There are two components to the FSPL. This first step in the league involves giving move orders for capitol ships and fighter squadrons to the FSPL admins daily, much like a game of chess or stratego. The goal here is to wreak havoc on the enemy and capture the enemies' main base, as well as other planets, which generate troop tickets every week.

In-game BattlesEdit

Once an attack is ordered through the star map, a game is scheduled (or an adhoc match is established.) All matches in the league are played without respawns, to make the battles more intense and feel realistic. After the match is played (typically a match will last 5-10 rounds) the results are tallied and posted onto the starmap and posted to the forums.


The FSPL was founded by Circuit Burner also known as LukeSkyraper on the First Srike forums. Other prominent figures in the league are R2-zvD2 and inund8. You can see them in-game wearing the [FSL] tag and they are always willing to help out, either with the game or to answer questions about the league.

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