Gallofree Transport
A Gallofree, here rendered without its laser cannons.
Faction Rebel Alliance
Class Medium Transport
Role Transport, Fleet Support
Technical Information
Position #1 Driver, controls shields (Primary fire for upper dorsal shields, Secondary fire for lower ventral shields)
Position #2 Gunner, dorsal laser cannons.
Position #3 Gunner, ventral laser cannons.
Equipment 2 Quad Laser Cannons, Shield Boosters
Max. Speed 200

The GR75 Gallofree Medium Transport, better known as simply the Gallofree Transport, the Rebel Medium Transport, is a cheap and easily acquired freighter that has become a trademark of the Rebel Alliance. It was originally manufactured by the now-defunct Gallofree Yards for transportation purposes, but the Alliance has upgraded many of these ships to be able to resupply and repair starfighters and other friendly ships on the go. They are most famous for carrying Rebel personnel and supplies fleeing the Battle of Hoth.

Mission critical craft in both the Escape from Hoth and Battle of Taloraan maps and able to repair and rearm nearby ships, freighters are perhaps the most important of the bigger ships in-game, so it is strongly advisable that warships and fighters provide them close escort against attack. The freighters can hold their own against small numbers of fighters with their quad cannons, but don't stand a chance against capital ships.

48px-Dialog-warning.svgWarning: Never suicide out of a Gallofree, as this could remove its spawn ability.