FirstStrike introduces several new gamemodes that are unique to the mod, but will still feel familiar to the BF2142 Player. A total of 9 gamemodes are included with FirstStrike, though several of these closely resemble each other and only have a small (but important) difference between them.

As a battlefield map loads, make sure you read its gamemode in the upper-right corner of the loading screen; it will show a detailed description of what your team needs to do.

List of Game ModesEdit

Legend: CP = Control Point (similar to 2142's original Conquest Flags), ISD = Imperial Star Destroyer

Area conquest (Encounter at Mos Entha)Edit

CP radius areas are much larger than standard conquest, so patrol your area and defend it.

Conquest: Head-onEdit

Your team will win if you cause your opponent's tickets to reach zero. You can increase the rate at which they lose tickets by holding at least half of the control points on this map.

Conquest: AssaultEdit

The force that causes the opponent's tickets to reach zero wins. The defending force starts with a control point majority and can reduce the attacking force's tickets gradually by holding a majority of the control points on the map. The attacking force starts with a ticket majority and can gradually reduce the enemy's tickets by holding a majority of control points or win by taking all control points and eliminating all enemy soldiers.

Conquest: Double AssaultEdit

You reduce opponent's tickets by holding more than half of the control points on the map. You win by capturing all control points or by reducing the opponent's tickets to zero.

Fleet Engagement (Battle at Taloraan)Edit

Either team will win by destroying the other teams' fleet first.

Escort (Escape from Hoth)Edit

The Rebel team will win if they manage to jump over 50% of their Rebel Transports to safety via the hyperspace jump point at the top of the map. The Empire will win if they manage to destroy over 50% of the Rebel Transports. The Rebel team need to take out the heavy turbolasers located on the topsides of the ISD before attempting to take any transports past.

Push (Mos Espa)Edit

The Rebel team must hold the town CPs in order to bleed the Imperial’s tickets dry. The Empire must invade the town from the south taking the CPs in sequence to gain full control.

Push: Double Assault (Mos Espa 16 player)Edit

Both Imperial and Rebel forces can take and hold any flag. The team that drives the other off the map wins. The minimap indicates connected flags.

Push: Rebel Assault (Endor Strike Team)Edit

The defending Imperials cannot retake flags captured by the Rebel forces. Rebels will win if they can push the Imperials off the map before tickets run out. The minimap indicate connected flags.