AT-AT, docked at the Imperial Outpost

The forest Endor Strike Team map is the location of several famous landmarks, including a docking station with two full-size AT-ATs (Imperial Walkers).

These vehicles do not have any real functionality in the game and serve only as a visual landmark, but they can be boarded by curious visitors or snipers needing a decent hiding spot.

To board the walker, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Imperial Outpost and enter a Speederbike.
  2. Start driving forward towards the Dock opening.
  3. Activate the booster (hold down the Shift key) as soon as you're at regular driving speed.
  4. Just before you pass the first tree on your right, start pulling up.
  5. Steer your vehicle into the Dock opening and land in the hallway there.

A demonstration video is also available on YouTube, you may watch it by pressing the play button below: