Heavy Weapon Specialists, abbreviated HWS, are the carriers of large strike attack weaponry. Though not as well-equipped to combat individual infantry as Troopers, they specialize in suppressing fortified enemy positions and disabling threatening vehicles. Additionally, with portable shield generators and deadly anti-vehicle mines, these men are vital for entrenching their squad's position against enemy attacks.

Standard-Issue Gear
Alliance Infantry Imperial Infantry
Vibro Knife Stun Baton
DH-17 Pistol Se-14r Repeating Pistol
MK-1 Light Repeating Blaster Rifle or T-21 Light Repeating Blaster or
Packered Mortar Gun or Packered Mortar Gun or
HH-15 Portable Missile Launcher Krupx MiniMag Proton Torpedo Launcher
Electrostatic Grenade Electrostatic Grenade
Anti-Vehicle Mine Anti-Vehicle Mine
Portable Shield Generator Portable Shield Generator
Marksman Assault Remote IT-O Droid

Detailed Gear RundownEdit

Melee WeaponEdit

The vibro-blade and stun baton, both electrified melee weapons, are standard-issue to all infantry in First Strike. Both take two stabs to kill an enemy and their noise they make once drawn and activated give you away to enemies at close quarters, so they're last-resort weapons you shouldn't pull too early.


The standard-issue pistols given to Troopers and other grunts are less powerful than those carried by Officers, but still accurate at all ranges and more than capable of downing targets quickly. Skilled infantry will know when to use their main weapons and when to switch to their sidearms.

Main WeaponsEdit

The Heavy Blaster is excellent at laying down suppressing fire and even in close combat. The Packered Mortar Gun is used to flush out entrenched enemies and provide your team with precise artillery fire over a range of several hundred meters. The rocket launcher fires high-explosive missiles which home in on enemy aircraft, but which can be brought to bear against ground targets such as tanks as well.

Additional GearEdit

Note that droids are limited to members of Squads of a certain size.

  • EMP Grenades cripple enemy vehicles and do serious damage to infantry-issued droids. The effects can also disorient infantry.
  • Crescent-shaped anti-Vehicle mines do severe damage to enemy tanks, but cannot be triggered by infantry. They are only triggered by enemy vehicles.
  • Personal Shield Generators (PSGs) create half-dome-shaped force fields blocking all projectiles - only infantry and the gas/sonic effects of medics' grenades penetrate the shield. Placing shields to protect tripod MKII/E-Web repeaters placed by Officers is a common tactic among experienced First Strike players.
  • The IT-O droid issued to Imperial HWS infantry has no ranged weapons, but possess syringes which inject lethal poison into infantry getting too close. They'll guard the site where they are deployed until they detect enemy infantry, which they will then stealthily attack.
  • The Rebel Remote has a light blaster which will fire on enemies within range. Until it finds targets to engage, the remote will follow the infantryman who deployed it.