Imperial Convoy Raid
Convoy Briefing
Map Information
Factions Rebel Alliance VS. Galactic Empire
Type Objective Map
Size 16, 32, 64
Briefing "Alliance Fleet Intelligence has intercepted and decrypted Imperial coded transmissions regarding the movements of a convoy scheduled to re-supply the fleet in this sector. Due to the distance of a journey this far into the Outer Rim, the convoy will have to jump out of Hyperspace in the Kessel sector and then plot a course for their second jump which will take them to the Imperial Fleet’s location. It is in this window of opportunity that a Rebel Strike Force jumps in to execute a Hit and Fade mission. Success here could severely cripple Imperial Fleet operations in the sector."


A rendering of a TIE Defender, introduced by this map

Not features in any of the pre-release news posts, the Imperial Convoy Raid map was released with 1.2 as a "mystery map" and features a Rebel hit-and-fade attack on a small Imperial convoy of Bulk Freighters near Kessel. It is the first First Strike map to feature the TIE Defender, which was, like the map, not covered in news posts and referred to on forums only as "the mystery vehicle", and also introduced homing concussion missiles.

The Rebels will win the map if they manage to destroy the four stationary Bulk Freighters before their tickets run out. The Imperials will win by holding the Rebels off until this time. During the battle, both teams may re-arm their warheads at their respective ships - the Rebels at their Frigate and the Imperials at their Bulk Freighters. Both the Frigate and Bulk Freighters are stationary and unarmed.

Order of Battle
Alliance Vehicles Imperial Vehicles
RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptors TIE Defender
BTL Y-Wing Starfighters Bulk Freighters
(mission critical)
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
(stationary, repairs and rearms fighters)
Classes: Pilot.