Imperial Star Destroyer
A Corvette (left) under attack by an Imperial Star Destroyer (right)
Faction Galactic Empire
Class Battlecruiser
Role Troop Deployment, Planetary Bombardment, Fleet Operations
Technical Information
Equipment 8 x Heavy Turbolaser Turrets, large number of anti-fighter batteries, TIE launch bay. Tractor beam
Max. Speed N/A

The Imperator Class Star Destroyer is a widely used battlecruiser of the Imperial Navy. Bristling with guns and able to carry large numbers of troops, fighters, transports, and war machines, this ship is terrifying for enemy forces to face in battle.

The Star Destroyer is currently only a static in the Escape from Hoth map, where it serves as a launch base for starfighters and an obstacle for Alliance forces, which need to destroy the ship's heavy laser turrets in order to clear a way for their transports to escape.