A sandtrooper takes aim with the torpedo launcher in the Lok Wastelands.

The Krupx MiniMag Proton Torpedo Launcher employs a smaller version of the proton torpedoes used in craft such as the X-Wing and TIE Bomber. Even lightly armoured vehicles take several hits to kill, so it is strongly advised that several infantrymen team up to take down threats, especially well-armoured ones such as the T1-B Light Tank. The weapon is also capable of locking on to aircraft, which the torpedoes will then home in on. Be advised that the aircraft's warning system will alert its pilot that you are locking onto it.

Krupx Minimag Proton Torpedo Launcher

The torpedo launcher as it first appeared in First Strike.

Krupx Minimag Proton Torpedo Launcher lrg

A render of the current weapon texture