Lambda-class Shuttle
Faction Galactic Empire
Class Transport
Role Transport
  • Close Air Support
Technical Information
Position #1 Pilot
  • Wing-mounted laser cannons.
Position #2 Gunner
  • Aft laser turret
Position #3 Gunner
  • Port forward laser turret.
Position #4 Gunner
  • Starboard forward laser turret.
Position #5 Passenger.
Position #6 Passenger.
Position #7 Passenger.
Position #8 Passenger.
Equipment Twin Laser Cannons
  • 3 Twin-Barrel Laser Turrets

The Lambda Class Shuttle is an armed courier vessel in use in the Imperial Navy as a transport craft and for Close Air Ground Support; several shuttles have also been seized by the Rebel Alliance and used in a similar fashion. It carries four passengers and has a crew of four, which takes care of piloting the vessel and manning its laser turrets. In battle, the sturdy craft can hold its own against both enemy fighters and ground units, although its wingspan makes it risky for new pilots to perform strafing runs on ground targets. Its other serious weakness is its blind zones - it can only fire on targets in front of or behind it, making it very vulnerable to attacks from the side. In addition, since it is a heavy vehicle, DEMP fire can easily cause it to lose speed and crash.

48px-Dialog-warning.svgWarning: If you don't take off vertically holding Reverse, the shuttle will 'trip' over its wings and crash.

Flying the LambdaEdit

48px-Applications-multimedia.svg Instruction videos: Piloting Tutorial, Landing Tutorial, Topple Recovery and Emergency Landing.

To take off and land with the Lambda, hold your Reverse (def. S) key to engage the vehicle's repulsorlifts. If you have a joystick, just pull throttle all the way back. When you have gained enough altitude, release the Reverse key and hit Forward (def. W). This will cause your wings to unfold, so be very careful not to run them into anything.

Landing the shuttle is done by engaging repulsorlifts to close the wings(hold S), kill forward airspeed by raising the nose of the shuttle, as you would in a helicopter, then let go of the throttle, letting the shuttle gently descend to the ground. If you're forced to touch down in a 'hot' landing zone, try to land with either your forward weapons or your aft laser turret facing the enemy, so that your gunners can lay down suppressing fire.

When strafing ground targets, be extremely careful not to run your shuttle's wings into the ground. It is best to do strafing runs diving from a high altitude. If you do accidentally topple the shuttle, however, immediately let go of forward throttle, switch to external view, and use your repulsorlifts to upright the vehicle. With some practice, this can be done relatively easy.

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