Lok Wastelands
Lok LoadingScreen
Map Information
Factions Rebel Alliance VS. Galactic Empire
Type Push Map
Size 16, 32, 64
Briefing "Increased pirate attacks targeting their shipping lanes along the Corellian Run trade route have forced the Empire to set up a base of operations on the ravaged world of Lok to combat such activity. The pirate clan, the Lok Revenants, are now faced with the task of ridding their world of the Imperial presence and have called upon the Alliance for assistance. In return for their support. Alliance commanders have deemed the action worth the risk and have deployed forces on Lok. Unfortunately, the first of their landing craft has been shot down by Imperial forces as it dropped to the planet to deploy its troops. Stunned, the Rebels rally their forces and prepare to assault the Imperial stronghold."

Lok Wastelands, added with the December '08 1.4 patch, is a combined arms map set on a desolate battlefield. The terrain of the map makes for a good combat environment both for tankers and infantry, and as of 1.4, the map is also the only one that lets you fly the newly added T-16 Skyhopper.

Order of Battle
Alliance Vehicles Imperial Vehicles
T-16 Skyhopper (neutral*) S-1 Firehawke Tanks
T1-B Light Hovertanks AT-ST's
Armored Land Speeders Speeder Bikes
Classes: Trooper, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Medic, Support, and Officer.

Game ModeEdit

This is a Push map - when both central Control Points are captured by a team, this team can move on to the enemy's main base. The two outer Control Points are irrelevant to the push mode and occupying either will not allow you to capture the enemy's headquarters.

General TipsEdit

  • On a full 64 player server, you may want to designate 'taxi drivers' responsible for using their Combat Speeders or Speeder Bikes to get troops into action.
  • The T-16 Skyhopper is fast, but fragile, and best used as a recon/transport craft. Try using it to insert an Officer with a Spawn Beacon behind enemy lines!
  • *The T-16 Skyhopper spawns at the neutral Abandoned Spaceport Control Point when it is occupied by either side.