No squad would survive long on the battlefield without a member of this class. In addition to their valuable healing skills and use of reviving equipment, the medics are well-armed to defend their squads against nearby enemies. Offensively, Medics can assist their squad by using specialized hazard grenades to flush out entrenched enemy foot soldiers, weakening their position for the rest of your squad to exploit.

Standard-Issue Gear
Alliance Infantry Imperial Infantry
Vibro Knife Stun Baton
DH-17 Pistol Se-14r Repeating Pistol
DH-17 Carbine or E-11 Carbine or
Blastech T-10 Rifle DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle
Bacta Canister Bacta Canister
HRV-2 Defibrillator HRV-2 Defibrillator
Sonic Grenade Biotic Grenade
Mobile Medical Droid Mobile Medical Droid

Detailed Gear RundownEdit

Melee WeaponEdit

The vibro-blade and stun baton, both electrified melee weapons, are standard-issue to all infantry in First Strike. Both take two stabs to kill an enemy and their noise they make once drawn and activated give you away to enemies at close quarters, so they're last-resort weapons you shouldn't pull too early.


The standard-issue pistols given to Troopers and other grunts are less powerful than those carried by Officers, but still accurate at all ranges and more than capable of downing targets quickly. Skilled infantry will know when to use their main weapons and when to switch to their sidearms.

Main WeaponsEdit

The Medic has access to two light blasters, one of which works best at close quarters and another which functions better at long range. In the Rebels' case, this is the T-10 Rifle, which has a relatively slow firing rate, but good accuracy and stopping power. The Imperials receive the DLT-19, which is a heavy blaster rifle which can also be used to lay down suppressing fire.

Additional GearEdit

Note that the droid is limited to squads of a certain size.

  • Bacta canisters can be used while carried by the Officer or left where needed. They heal infantry near them. Be aware that bacta can't distinguish between friend and foe, and that bacta canisters you place may end up healing more enemies than allies!
  • The defibrillator can be used to revive mortally wounded soldiers. Apply it to their chest region to revive them.
  • The sonic and biotic grenades use different mechanisms to achieve the same effect: to disperse enemy infantry. Whoever remains inside the effect of these grenades for more than a few seconds dies a painful death. Due to an engine limitation, however, kills made with this grenade are not recorded by the game, so medics killing enemies with these grenades do not receive points for doing so, nor is the kill announced with a kill message.
  • The Mobile Medical Droid follows the Medic around, treating wounded within its range.