The Officer class serves in a unique role that centers around teamwork. Besides issuing objectives for the team, officers are capable of tracking enemy movements / positions, laying heavy blaster fortifications, maintaining squad health and ammo, and providing his team with static spawn points. Although these are all responsibilities in a sense to the officer, they also grant his squad great power and advantage in the field, enabling them as a whole to best accomplish their objectives.

Standard-Issue Gear
Alliance Infantry Imperial Infantry
Vibro Knife Stun Baton
DL-44 Blaster Pistol DL-44 Blaster Pistol
MKII Heavy Repeating Blaster E-WEB Heavy Repeating Blaster
Bacta Canister Bacta Canister
Sensor Ping Sensor Ping
Electro-Binoculars Electro-Binoculars
Ammo Box Ammo Box
Spawn Beacon Spawn Beacon
Restrictions: Squad Leaders only..

Detailed Gear RundownEdit

Melee WeaponEdit

The vibro-blade and stun baton, both electrified melee weapons, are standard-issue to all infantry in First Strike. Both take two stabs to kill an enemy and their noise they make once drawn and activated give you away to enemies at close quarters, so they're last-resort weapons you shouldn't pull too early.

Main WeaponsEdit

The Officer has two main offensive weapons: his powerful pistol and is tripod repeating blaster. The latter must be deployed to fire, and comes with an ammo supply of 110 shots, which can only be replenished by a Generator from a Support player. When deploying the tripod repeater, keep in mind that it will topple and be lost if deployed on an uneven surface, or if you look up or down while deploying it. Also keep in mind that it cannot be picked up once deployed - if you want to place another, you'll need to destroy the first one for then to get a replacement from a generator. Despite all these weaknesses, however, the MKII and E-Web have fantastic firepower and a great fire rate, able to mow down groups of infantry and even destroy heavier targets such as AT-ST walkers.

Additional GearEdit

Note that the sensor ping device and spawn beacon are limited to members of Squads of four people or more.

  • Bacta canisters can be used while carried by the Officer or left where needed. They heal infantry near them. Be aware that bacta can't distinguish between friend and foe, and that bacta canisters you place may end up healing more enemies than allies!
  • Sensor Ping devices are powerful tools which, as the name indicates, 'ping' their surroundings for enemy vehicles and infantry. They have a very wide range, but can be activated only a limited number of times, and once it's out of power, it cannot be recharged.
  • Ammo Boxes replenish the ammunition of nearby infantry, much the same way bacta canisters replenish health. Remember that they do not have the capacity to replenish the ammunition of tripod repeaters or vehicles.
  • The Spawn Beacon is essentially a transmitter with a long antenna that members of the squad use to pinpoint their rally point - when deployed, the Spawn Beacon acts as a spawn point for members of the squad, including the Squad Leader.