About Rogue TribeEdit

Rogue Tribe is a multi-gaming clan set up on the 18th March 2007 by a group of mature online gamers with extensive experience of running online gaming clans for fun and competitive team-based gaming. Many of its members have known each other for several years and have created the clan in the spirit of teamwork, strategy and just all-around good fun.

The web presence, site and hosting for Rogue Tribe is provided via sponsorship from, a UK web hosting and development company, with the site logo being designed by one of the original clan members.

Rogue Tribe is an English speaking, primarily European clan, but does have members representing other countries. Players are not recruited based on just skill but also on how well they fit in with existing members as Rogue Tribe aims to maintain the existing friendly and fun atmosphere.

Training sessions are held every week where members get together and practice tactics, strategy and teamwork. Ventrilo is used to provide the voice communications needed to organize squad work as well as have general chit chat.

Rogue Tribe currently has divisions in, and are accepting applications for the following games:

  • First Strike
  • Quake Wars: Enemy Territory

Join Rogue TribeEdit

Now is an ideal time to join Rogue Tribe as it has some of the most popular First Strike and Quake Wars servers on the internet. If public play alone isn't enough for you, then you can join in with internal matches and inter-clan scrims. During the weekly training sessions, the server is locked so members can train up on tactics and have a chance to truly know the game inside and out. There really has never been a better time to join!

  • "Did we forget to mention that by joining Rogue Tribe you also become irresistible to women?!!? If so, then we also forgot to mention that this is a context sensitive feature that will, of course, make you irresistible to your own sex if you happen to be gay, and to both if you're bi."

Are you a winner? Want to be part of a winning team? Do you enjoy pwning the opposition? Are you 18+? If the answer is “YES!” then post your application at

Contact Rogue TribeEdit

Rogue Tribe maintains its own website at where the general section is open to public participation. Potential recruits are encouraged to drop by and learn more about Rogue Tribe or just stop by and have a chat.

The current game server list, including status, can be viewed at