S-1 Firehawke Tank
S-1 Firehawke Tank
Faction Galactic Empire
Role Heavy Armour
Technical Information
Positions Tank Commander (main cannon), Gunner (antipersonnel gun)
Equipment Mass Driver cannon, Medium Laser Cannon

Despite the S-1 Firehawke's deceptive classification of 'Heavy Repulsortank', it was quite fast and agile. Armed with a mass driver cannon mounted on its primary turret and optimized to counter repulsortanks and other swift ground vehicles, the Firehawke combined its speed with its ability to strike rapidly and with precision from great distances, making it a dangerous foe indeed for Rebel ground forces. Faced with Alliance T1-B Light Hovertanks, it should try to maintain its distance so as to keep hitting the target with its long-range cannon, which does not lose effectiveness with range, unlike the T1-B's missiles.