The Sandcrawler sits waiting for action on Jundland Wastes, with an Alliance soldier shown for scale.

A relic of Correllian mining corporations on Tatooine, the CMC Digger is one of several Sandcrawler models abandoned when the mining enterprise ran into the sand. Later adopted by marauding Jawa tribes, the Sandcrawlers for many years saw use as moving homes and workshops for these scavenging people, as they scoured the deserts for starship wrecks, stray droids, and other items of potential value which were processed and sold to homesteads and towns in the tribes' areas of operation.

The Sandcrawler in First Strike was abandoned by its Jawa operators before Imperial and Alliance forces clashed in the desert. While the Jawas found time to take with them all the vehicle's equipment and cargo, it remains fully functional, and now sits up for grabs by anyone interested in a mobile fortress that comes close to rivalling the AT-AT in size. Although unarmed, it's indestructible with the weapons found on the map, and the ability for infantry to spawn on board makes it a potent Control Point assault vehicle.

The Sandcrawler first saw action when the 1.5 update was released, along with the All-Terrain Personal Transport, MLC-3 and Sentinel Class Imperial Landing Craft.