Sorosuub X-34 Land Speeder
Faction Rebel Alliance
Class Land Speeder
Role Personal Transportation
Technical Information
Positions 1 Pilot, 1 Passenger
Equipment Unarmed, Lightly Armored

The Sorosuub X-34 Land Speeder, better known as simply the landspeeder, is a craft used across the galaxy by organizations and civilians alike. The X-34 is an older model used primarily for personal transport by civilians and street racing youngsters. It is vulnerable in a military environment, due to its lack of armament, and the inability of the passenger to fire his weapon while seated; thus, the crew has to dismount in order to attack enemies. However, like its military cousin the Armored Land Speeder, the X-34 is partially resistant to minefields, as it hovers some distance over the ground.