The support class provides many useful functions within a squad, for they employ a wide selection of military technologies. From resupplying allies with ammo to the planting of mines, from repairing machinery to sabotaging enemy vehicles, this soldier is equipped to face any challenge it meets. Veteran support players excel at avoiding straight fights against enemy foot soldiers; rather, they set traps and ambushes, or fight alongside fellow troopers or HW Specialists.

Standard-Issue Gear
Alliance Infantry Imperial Infantry
Vibro Knife Stun Baton
DH-17 Pistol Se-14r Repeating Pistol
Bowcaster or MG-15 Light Blaster Rifle or
Fusion Cutter Fusion Cutter
PRG-7 Proton Grenade Detpack
Proximity Mine Proximity Mine
R2 Droid R5 Droid

Detailed Gear RundownEdit

Melee WeaponEdit

The vibro-blade and stun baton, both electrified melee weapons, are standard-issue to all infantry in First Strike. Both take two stabs to kill an enemy and their noise they make once drawn and activated give you away to enemies at close quarters, so they're last-resort weapons you shouldn't pull too early.


The standard-issue pistols given to Troopers and other grunts are less powerful than those carried by Officers, but still accurate at all ranges and more than capable of downing targets quickly. Skilled infantry will know when to use their main weapons and when to switch to their sidearms.

Main WeaponsEdit

As a Support unit, you will be issued one of two weapons: a suppressing fire blaster (Bowcaster or MG-15) or the DEMP2 gun, which fires a powerful electric bolt that immobilizes ground and air vehicles. This weapon is incredibly useful for keeping damaged vehicles from retreating, or to hold tanks still while you slap Proton Grenades or Detpacks onto them. Its nature also makes it very good at bringing down aircraft.

Additional GearEdit

Note that the droid is limited to squads of a certain size.

  • The Generator, like the Officer's Ammo Box, replenishes the ammunition of infantry units but is also powerful enough to keep tripod MKII and E-Webs running. It can also replenish the ammunition of vehicles such as the T1-B.
  • The PRG-7 and Detpack are powerful explosive charges which can be attached to vehicles and go off 10 seconds after being placed.
  • Antipersonnel Mines go off when enemy infantry walk over them. They can only be triggered by enemy units.
  • The R2 and R5 droids issued to Support units are loaded with supplies, which they hand out to nearby infantry and vehicles.