T-47 Airspeeder
Faction Rebel Alliance
Class Modified Utility Vehicle
Role Air Superiority
Technical Information
Positions Pilot, Gunner
Equipment Twin Blasters, aft Laser Cannon turret (Gunner controlled)

The repulsorlift-powered T-47 Airspeeder, also known as the Snowspeeder for its effort during the Battle of Hoth, was never meant for armed combat, but the Alliance procured a squadron of them, equipped them with twin blasters, and adapted them for the ice-cold weather on Hoth. They even put their tow cables to use in combat, as seen when they tripped two AT-ATs. Though unarmored and less agile than the starfighters in the Alliance's arsenal, the speeder squadron managed to delay the Imperial advance so that the Alliance forces on the planet could evacuate.

Currently, the T-47 can be found on the Ryloth map, where it takes on an air superiority role, engaging Imperial fighters and shuttles. It can't take much damage at all due to lack of armour and shields, but its agility and speed, coupled with its laser cannon replacing the harpoon, more than make up for this.