T1-B Light Hovertank
Lok LoadingScreen
Placeholder image, showing the T1-B in the Lok Wastelands loading screen.
Faction Rebel Alliance
Role APC, Assault
Technical Information
Positions Tank Commander (missile pod), Gunner (laser turret)
Equipment Dual Laser Cannon Turret, Missile Pod

Although equipped with little armour in order to preserve its agility and speed, the Yutrane-Trackata T1-B Light Hovertank was not to be taken lightly. Armed with a pod loaded with homing concussion missiles and a dual-laser cannon turret, the T1-B helped immensely in neutralizing the Imperial air threat, while also packing a punch against infantry. While vulnerable to enemy armour at range, in one-on-one encounters, it excelled at supporting Rebel armour and working in combination with heavily armed infantry.

In First Strike, a fully manned T1-B excels at taking out infantry and aircraft, and can even take on the Firehawke with some clever maneuvering - it performs best at point-blank range, as its missile pod is highly inaccurate against ground targets at range. Its missile pod can be reloaded with a generator.