TIE Bomber
Faction Galactic Empire
Role Bomber
Technical Information
Positions 1 Pilot
Equipment 2 Laser Cannons, Warhead Launcher (Varying loadout, see article).

Sienar Fleet Systems' T.I.E. (Twin Ion Engine) Bomber was added as a dedicated bomber craft to the TIE series to take on ground targets as well as space stations and warships. For its increased power requirements, the bomber boasts elongated panels with greater surface areas than the standard star fighter. It has twin cylindrical hulls between its panels.

The starboard cylinder houses the pilot, while the port pod contains the fighter's Warhead launcher. The TIE Bomber features a customizable ordnance loadout for different roles in combat. The TIE Bomber features the following loadouts in First Strike:

  • Torpedo Attack: 16 Proton Torpedoes, 6 Ion Pulse Warheads. (Used in Battle of Taloraan)
  • Planetary Bomber: 30 Heavy Proton Bombs. (Used in non-space maps)
  • Space Bomber: 60 Space Proton Bombs (Adjustable firing arc). (Used in Escape from Hoth)

While good against heavier targets, the TIE Bomber is a slow and sluggish craft unsuited for dogfighting. It requires fighter escort to have a chance of survival when faced with enemy starfighters.

  • Press the Change Weapons key (default 'F') to toggle forward or vertical firing of bombs in the Escape from Hoth map.
  • Press the Change Weapons key (default 'F') to toggle between torpedoes and the ion cannon in the Battle of Taloraan.