TIE Defender
A TIE Defender
Faction Galactic Empire
Class Starfighter
Role Space Superiority Fighter, Light Bomber, Interceptor.
Technical Information
Positions 1(Pilot)
Equipment Quad Laser Cannons, Twin Ion Cannons, Twin Concussion Missile Launchers.

A TIE Defender on the Imperial Convoy Raid map

Sienar Fleet Systems designed the TIE Defender to become one of the deadliest starfighters in the galaxy, much less in the Empire's arsenal. While most of the TIE craft before it were meant to be as disposable as their pilots, the TIE Defender had every luxury and function available to the Rebellions fighters and more: including a hyperdrive, deflector shield generator, life support system, powerful engines, unprecedented maneuvering capabilities, and a incredible arsenal of four laser cannons, two ion cannons, and two warhead launchers. Some TIE Defenders were even fitted with experimental fighter-sized tractor beam projectors, allowing them to "grab" enemy fighters and force their maneuvering to lock up, making them easy targets for the Defender.

Despite all of its advantages, the TIE Defender was deemed too expensive for mass production, and thus was only deployed in limited quantities to only the most elite and secret of the Empire's squadrons, while the cheaper TIE Interceptor enjoyed full production. Nonetheless, when encountered in combat, the TIE Defender was more than a match for Rebel starfighters in even-odds combat.

In First Strike, TIE Defenders are equipped with homing Concussion missiles, which will automatically home in on enemy targets.