The Trooper is the light infantry class of First Strike. Packing light weapons and gear, they are charged with sniping, reconnaissance, clearing Control Points, supporting heavier infantry, and spotting for long-range artillery. Troopers are outfitted to seek out and defeat other infantry, and between their primary anti-infantry weapon, all-purpose pistol, frag and smoke grenades and portable life-form sensors, they have tools for virtually any encounter with enemy foot soldiers.

Standard-Issue Gear
Alliance Infantry Imperial Infantry
Vibro Knife Stun Baton
DH-17 Pistol Se-14r Repeating Pistol
CR-1 Blaster Cannon or Flechette Launcher or
A-280 Blaster Rifle or E-11 Blaster Rifle or
Tenloss Disruptor Sniper Rifle DLT-20a Sniper Rifle
Fragmentation Grenade Thermal Detonator
Smoke Grenade Smoke Grenade
Macro-Binoculars Macro-Binoculars
Homing Beacon Homing Beacon
Marksman Remote Droid MK-4 Droid

Detailed Gear RundownEdit

Melee WeaponEdit

The vibro-blade and stun baton, both electrified melee weapons, are standard-issue to all infantry in First Strike. Both take two stabs to kill an enemy and their noise they make once drawn and activated give you away to enemies at close quarters, so they're last-resort weapons you shouldn't pull too early.


The standard-issue pistols given to Troopers and other grunts are less powerful than those carried by Officers, but still accurate at all ranges and more than capable of downing targets quickly. Skilled infantry will know when to use their main weapons and when to switch to their sidearms.

Main WeaponsEdit

Troopers get to choose between the close-range, medium-range and long-range weapons. The CR-1 and Flechette launchers fire spreads of bolts which are deadly in close quarters combat, the all-round A-280 and E-11 have good firing rates and perform best at medium to close range, and the Disruptor and DLT-20a are excellent sniper rifles.

Additional GearEdit

Note that Homing Beacons and droids are limited to members of Squads of a certain size.

  • Fragmentation grenades go off a few seconds after they've been thrown,
  • Smoke grenades create opaque gas which block the enemy's vision, allowing easier passage by friendlies under fire.
  • Macro-binoculars are used to magnify distant objects. Alliance infantry can use their binoculars to lay down distance markers, which in turn are used to Mortar Freerunners to more accurately hit targets.
  • Homing Beacons are small transmitters which detect enemy infantry and vehicles near them until they run out of power. They can be attached to vehicles.
  • Both Imperial and Rebel troopers receive droids which follow them around, reveal nearby enemy infantry and vehicles. They have the same range as Homing Beacons.