I have to warn you that it may be a bit of a challenge.  The problem is that a model library was never maintained.  Parlty because there was never any plan to use models after they were imported into the game. It may also have been because there was no standard modeling tool, with Maya and 3dsMax being the main two options, but with incompatible formats.  

Furthermore, the process of exporting from the game back into 3ds Max can be problematic.  The model may need some cleanup and the UV Mapping might need some adjustments.   It is further complicated in that the import/export tools for the BF2142/BF2 format for max and Maya have never been updated to current versions.  The most current version supported is Max 9 with some support on Max 2010, but neither one works properly on windows 10.   Windows 7/8 worked with MAX 9 and 2010 in compatibility mode. The programs will work with Windows 10, but with graphic artifacting issues as show in the link to the video below. So, doing anything with Windows 10 is limited to import and/or exporting.

If your up for the challenge, there are some stipulations:

You can not receive any money for using any First Strike models.

If you post any pics or use the model in a mod, give the First Strike team credit for the model.

If you are able to get it all set up in a newer version of Max, send provide the team with a copy of the files.

We reserve the right to refuse use of our models at any time if we feel that the use was not as intended or would bring discredit to the mod.