Vehicle ControlsEdit

These are the default controls for each vehicle, starfighter, and starship available as of version 1.4. It is recommended, should you have a joystick, that you map air controls to the joystick for use with starfighters, starships, and some airspeeders.

  • By default, the roll and pitch controls marked by a '*' use the mouse in Battlefield 2142. It is highly recommended that you change the default to the indicated arrow directions for precision.


W & S: Walk forward and backward.

A & D: Turn left and right.

Z: Crouch walker. (Use to avoid enemy fire or to position for repairs).

Mouse: Rotate, raise, and lower walker head.

Primary Fire: Medium blaster cannon.

Secondary Fire: Concussion Grenade launcher/Anti-air missiles.

F: Cycle Concussion Grenades/Anti-air missiles (Only on maps that feature aircraft).

X-34 Landspeeder, Armored Landspeeder, T1-B, S-1 Firehawke, Armored Freerunner, Artillery FreerunnerEdit

W & S: Accelerate and brake/reverse.

A & D: Turn left and right.

Mouse: Look around/Aim current weapon.

Shift: Speed Boost (not available for Artillery Freerunner).

Primary fire (T1-B, S-1 Firehawke, Artillery Freerunner in firing mode): Fire missiles/cannon.

Primary fire (Armored Freerunner, Artillery Freerunner in driving mode): Pop smokescreen.

Secondary fire (S-1 Firehawke): Zoom targeting.

Secondary fire (Artillery Freerunner): Cycle between driving mode and firing mode (can still move while in firing mode).

Speeder BikeEdit

W & S: Accelerate and brake/reverse.

A & D: turn left and right.

<-- and -->: roll bike to sides.*

/\ and \/: pitch bike up and down.*

Shift: Speed Boost.

Primary fire: Light blaster cannon.

Starfighters, T-16, T-47, and Lambda ShuttleEdit

W & S: Accelerate and brake (no reverse). (Accelerating opens wings on Lambda Shuttle, X-wing, and B-wing) (Braking closes wings on Lambda Shuttle, X-wing, and B-wing)

S (Non-space maps): Hovering repulsorlifts.

A & D: Rudder left and right.

<-- and -->: Roll left and right*

/\ and \/: Pitch up and down*

Shift: Speed Boost (Not available on TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber, and B-wing).

Primary fire: Laser cannons (When available).

Secondary fire: Warhead launcher (X-wing, Y-wing, B-wing, TIE Bomber, A-wing, TIE Defender). Also used to fire ion weapon when selected.

Primary fire/Secondary fire (Lambda Shuttle): Left/Right Laser cannons.

F: Switch to Ion weapon (B-wing, TIE Bomber, Battle of Yavin Y-wing, TIE Defender). Swap bomb trajectories (TIE Bomber w/ Proton Bombs).

X: Rotate fuselage around cockpit pod (B-Wing).


W & S: Accelerate and brake (no reverse)

A & D: Rudder left and right.

Mouse: Look around/Aim weapon.

<-- and -->: roll left and right.

/\ and \/: pitch up and down.

Shift: Boost (CAUTION: Extended recharge time for boosts)

Primary fire (except for transports): Main weapon.

Primary fire (transports): topside shield booster.

Secondary fire (transports): bottom shield booster.